Monday, September 19, 2011

First day back

My first day back at work was...good. I was almost drunk with the freedom - I went to the bathroom by myself! I ate my lunch while it was hot! I didn't have to share my afternoon snack! NOBODY SPIT UP ON ME ALL DAY.

Paul, whose reaction to bottles used to be "What the hell are you trying to do with this plastic thing? That's not how I eat! Get me mama!" did a 180 and was suddenly all "Bottle? Ok, no big. I'm flexible. Why are you looking so surprised?"

I'm still not thrilled about this being a three-days a week, EVERY week kind of thing, but we both benefitted from a day apart. I'm not even too upset about going back tomorrow. Success!


There was a discussion on Twitter today about how when people see the word "giveaway" they think "sponsored", so I hope that didn't scare you off from yesterday's post. There wasn't anything sponsored about it. I did get the coffee for free, but it was a party favor. If you don't like coffee, there's a bunch of other things in the box! I realize 'stuff from around my house' isn't incredibly enticing, so here's a sample:

Pretty self-adhesive ribbon!
They are small boxes, so nothing to get too excited about, but I think there's some fun stuff in there.  You can enter here through Wednesday at 5 pm.


  1. Going to the bathroom whenever you want is so great.

  2. I'm so glad your first day back was manageable! I'm sure it was a huge relief.