Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've written a ridiculous number of posts based on things I hear on the radio

Someone called into the radio this morning complaining about the ridiculousness of ordering a Diet Coke with a fast food meal.  I don’t understand how people can think Diet Coke is ‘Coke for people on a diet’.  (Other than the name.  So I guess I do get it, but I reject it.)  They are different drinks.  If someone orders coffee, it’s not like people say “You ordered a DOUBLE WHOPPER VALUE MEAL, don’t pretend you’re making up for the calories by drinking coffee instead of a milkshake.”  Different drinks.  Coffee is not the diet version of a milkshake.  Diet Coke may have been intended to be the diet version of Coke, but it didn’t work.  In my experience, people either drink only regular soda or only diet soda.  No matter how good/poor their food choices are.
Don’t even get me started on the ‘you’re making a poor choice already, why not make it worse’ mentality.  Didn’t Swistle cover this at some point?  Let me look…  Yes, here.
You know what else they said on the radio this morning?  “I don’t know why someone hasn’t invented something to attach pacifiers to clothes so when they fall out of babies’ mouths they don’t fall to the floor…or under the seats in the car.”  There were three people with children 2 months – 10 years (collectively) discussing this!  How have none of them seen a pacifier clip?  
NUK Universal 1 Pack BPA Free Pacifier Clip, Colors May Vary
They didn’t seem to be saying these things don’t always work, they acted like nothing had ever been invented for that purpose.  Are they not used much anymore?  Neither of my kids take/took pacifiers, so I don’t know, but 10-15 years ago when I was babysitting a lot everyone had them.

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