Thursday, September 8, 2011

My first blog meetup!

Well, besides the Blathering 2010.  This was my first one-on-one blog meetup.

The lovely Whitney stopped by our house during her epic drive from Vermont to Idaho.  It was so fun to meet her (and Sona!).  Dublin came in and immediately dove into the toy bin.  Then Meg came back from my mom's house, gave him one look that said 'who the heck are you and what are you doing with my toys?' and he ran over to hide behind Sona. Meg can be a little scary. Although, I suppose walking into your own home and finding a stranger playing with your stuff would tend to provoke a WTF?? response. She did decide to share, though, and it was so cute to see them play together.

Dublin and Margaret coloring.  Don't you love the way the sun brings out every fingerprint on the windows?  I should probably think about actually cleaning them.
Whitney and Roman

Whitney and I looking at the camera while Roman, Meg, and Paul watch Dublin yell about how he doesn't want to be in the picture.

Sona and Dublin
Their visit went all too fast.  As we watched them pull out of the driveway, Meg waved and said "Thanks coming our house!"


  1. Yeah! We got to meet Whitney, Dublin, Roman, and Sona in VT in August. LOVE THEM. And I can't wait to meet YOU soon!

  2. Aw...hi Whitney! Love that girl. Sounds like fun!