Monday, September 26, 2011

I have a feeling “I’m tired” is going to be a theme around here

This morning I went through the McDonald’s drive through. I ordered, paid, then drove off. Without the food. I got back on the road, went to shove the bag into my huge purse so I’d have one less thing to carry, and realized I didn’t have the bag. So I went back. This was a McDonalds I’ve never been to before and I didn’t realize they had two windows. So I sat at the window where you pay, wondering when someone would notice I came back, until I realized the employees (all four of them) were leaning out the next window waving and calling “Ma’am! Ma’am! Up here!”

Not the best start to a day.

At lunch, I got ready to go to the post office and mail the giveaway packages. I got as far as my car before realizing I left it all on my kitchen counter this morning.

I give up.

P.S. Giveaway winners – I put the packages in the car tonight so I can mail them tomorrow. The good news is at the post office, I’m supposed to pay then walk away without the stuff.  I should be able to manage it.


  1. Oh your babies are adorable.

    And don't worry: You'll wake up one day and realize you've gotten a rhythm down. I swear.