Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. Remember how I said that if things got rough last weekend, I was going to put on Veggie Tales and see what Meg thought?  I totally forgot.  Meg just doesn't watch TV, so the thought didn't cross my mind.  Which is kind of a bummer.  Last weekend went pretty terribly and I really could have used 20 (or 40) minutes of sanity...  I think any negative effects of watching TV would have been outweighed by the postive effects of having a mommy who wasn't quite so frazzled (i.e. angry).

2. Thomas has the magic touch. Meg goes to bed for him much better than she does for me. Each night since he’s been home, she’s fallen asleep faster. Last night she fell asleep in like 5 minutes! I don’t know if it was because he put her to sleep or if she’s coming out of the phase. I hope she’s getting better at going to sleep, because my sister is babysitting tonight and I really don’t want to come home from the movie theater to find Meg still awake. Although we’re going to the early show, so it will only be 9ish. I think its pretty likely she’ll be awake.

3. Speaking of which: I am finally going to see Inception! I did not originally have a burning desire to see this movie. It doesn’t look like my kind of movie and I think I might enjoy The Other Guys more. But it seems like everyone I know has seen Inception and almost all of them loved it. And I’m tired of being the only person in America who hasn’t seen this movie.

4. Before Meg was born, we bought a bunch of baby stuff from a co-worker of my mom's.  One item was a Diaper Champ.  I never read the directions.  I thought it was self expanatory.  APPARENTLY NOT.  During the whole drop-side crib panic, I searched for and found the stack of instruction manuals she'd given us.  I read the Diaper Champ one and found out I have been putting the trash bags in incorrectly the whole time we've been using it. I put the bag in like you would in a normal trash can - you know, folded over the sides of the can.  You are supposed to pull the top of the bag through the hole in the plastic and then wrap it around, so there's only a small area where the smell can escape.  Oops!  We started doing it correctly and there is a HUGE difference.  I feel stupid.

5.  Since I started this blog in February, its been using Pacific time.  I found this annoying, but figured it doesn't really matter because the only person who cares about the time on the posts is me.  Sometimes I would schedule it to post two hours later, so the time would read the actual Central time I wrote it.  Usually I didn't.  When I was going though the settings earlier this week, I found out how to change it to central time.  It was (obviously) rediculously easy.  I'm not sure if I was insanely lazy, as in I couldn't be bothered to change it, or just stupid, as in I thought it would be too hard to find the setting.  For the record, I did look a couple times (for a few seconds each time), then lost interest.  I suppose I'm lazy and not very smart.

6.  I know everyone loves Crock Pots.  It IS amazing to throw a bunch of stuff in the pot in the morning and have dinner all ready to go that night.  But then you have to clean the crockpot!  We have a huge crockpot (5.5 quarts) and it barely fits in the sink.  I hate washing it.  The vast majority of the time, I feel it is not worth it to make a crockpot meal, because what you save in dinner-prep time you then spend in cleaning-the-crockpot time.  Last night I made one of my crockpot soup recipes on the stovetop (in a pot that is easy to wash!) and it turned out amazing.  I think my crockpot will only be used when we have a roast to cook.  Or maybe I should buy a smaller crockpot?  I do like having the big one when I make a roast because I make large roasts and throw a bunch of potatos and carrots in there too.  But we only do this like twice a year.

7.  Even when Meg goes to sleep she doesn't sleep all night.  Usually, Thomas goes and puts her back to sleep the first time she wakes up.  The second time I just go and sleep in her room.  Frankly, I kind of like sleeping in her room.  I've always liked sleeping on the futon mattress (I think it has the perfect level of firmness) and I love being close to my baby.  I'm not very motivated to do anything about the fact she keeps waking up.  It'll probably be like when she was almost a year old and started waking up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle.  It took so little effort to just feed her and go back to bed we (or I, at least) had almost no desire to put forth a lot more effort to get it to stop.  Eventually it did.  I think it was because Thomas got frustrated and decided we were going to wean her.  I'm lazier than he is - why put all this time and energy into getting her to sleep all night when she's just going to stop again in a month or two?

I don't think I came off very well in this week's seven quick takes.  Almost every quick take had something to do with me being forgetful, lazy, or not very smart.  Maybe next week's quick takes need to be seven awesome things about me.  Although it might take me more than a week to come up with seven things...


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  2. Try the crock pot liner bags. They are amazing. It's this plastic liner bag thing that fits inside your crock pot and you cook the food in it and then just lift it out when you are done (you shouldn't store it in the bag if there are leftovers and I don't suggest leaving the bag in the crock pot even overnight since the condensation then gets all gross in between the bag and the crock pot and you end up having to wash it more) but you can pretty much just wipe out the pot w/ a damp cloth once you've removed the bag and you're good to go. Seriously. It's awesome. I don't use my crock pot without them anymore.