Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am taking more naps than I ever have in my entire life. (Except for when I was less than 1 year old, probably). Twice a day, Meg and I go into her room and lay down. I then play dead for anywhere from a half hour (if I have no patience and/or don't fall asleep) to an hour and a half. At the beginning, Meg will get up and play. She reads books, plays with her stuffed animals, and sometimes runs around the room. Often, she'll stand in front of the door and whine for me to open it. I have to completely ignore her during this time, because she loves attention. If I watch her run around the room, she won't ever stop. If I lay there and pretend to be asleep, eventually either she'll lay down beside me and fall asleep (WIN!) or I'll give up and declare naptime over (BUMMER).

Now, I can only lay perfectly still with my eyes closed for so long before I fall asleep. So what often happens is I fall asleep while she's reading books and am woken up an hour later by her crying (loudly) to be let out of the room. I'm never entirely sure whether she slept and has now woken up or played the whole time and is sick of being in her room. I think she sleeps, since she never goes an hour without whining loud enough to wake me. But I suppose its possible she knows the difference between when I’m pretending to sleep and when I’m actually asleep. Maybe she knows I'm asleep so there's no point in whining? Maybe she waits until I fall asleep then (quietly) does things she knows I won’t approve of? Or maybe I am a more sound sleeper than I think and the run-of-the-mill whining doesn’t wake me up, only the screams. All I know is that I’m taking more naps than she is.

She does understand that when the lights are off, we’re quieter (a little light comes through the window on either side of the blinds, so there’s enough light to look at books), so I enjoy "quiet time". And hey, me napping is better than no one napping. But still, I really miss the old naptime, when I could do anything I wanted…

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