Monday, August 23, 2010

I’m actually sick of baby girl clothes

This weekend I went through all of Meg’s clothes and put away most things 12 months or smaller. Meg is wearing 18 month size stuff now (only because she is so long – she’s in the 66th percentile for height, but 19th for weight, so everything looks really baggy on her). For awhile now, I’ve been putting 18 month clothes in her drawers without taking anything else out, so they were really full. It took forever. And then some. Almost all of my “downtime” on Saturday and Sunday (although I watched Hulu while I was doing it). By the end of it, my back was killing me and I was exhausted. I’m very particular about baby clothes storage, so I was often taking everything out of storage boxes to rearrange. I totally understand why the hand-me-downs I got were just thrown into boxes (not even folded). I actually considered it a few times, but I wouldn’t be able to just let all those clothes sit in the basement wrinkling.

The worst part was when I finally finished sorting through all of her socks Sunday night (I have never gone through her socks and there were some tiny tiny baby socks in there), I realized I hadn’t done any of the regular chores. I still needed to wash bottles and pack lunches, etc, etc, etc. And the house was a mess! And it was 9:00!

Its just depressing how much work there is to do around the house. If we don’t have anything else going on, we can get it all done, with a little free time to spare. But when we’re busy or if we throw in an extra project, like sorting clothes, we often don’t have enough time to get even the basic stuff done. I feel like I spent the whole weekend working hard to get stuff done yet I’m now behind.  I'm also tired from staying up late to wash bottles and pack lunches.  I’ll spend this week catching up on chores. That’s just sad.

On another note, the basement utility room is crammed full of plastic bins full of girl clothes. I don’t see how we can possibly fit an equal amount of boy clothes down there, so I suppose we’d better only have girls.  Although my sister will be borrowing clothes when she has a baby.

Oh no!  I've just had a truly awful thought.  I've spent hours and hours organizing these clothes so it will be really easy for me to take them out of the bins and plop them in the drawer next time, because this time I had to spend hours and hours sorting the hand-me-downs by size.  I've even got them sorted by season (I actually have separate bins labeled 12 months - winter and 12 months - spring).  But what if after all that work I loan them out and they come back all mixed together like they were before?  I think I'd cry.

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  1. I am amused by this. Fuss only has 2 drawers, so I have to do this periodically and I have all these bins of clothes marked "0-3 Girls Winter/Spring" or "6-9 Girls Summer/Winter" piled in Fuss's room. Perfectly separated, folded nicely and I handed them off to a friend who just had a baby girl (since this baby is a boy), but I was given garbage bags (can you believe it?) of boy clothes in all sizes - jumbled together from 3 different sources.

    I actually have to still go through all of those clothes (I only pulled out the 0-3 mos) and sort them - currently they are all squeezed into 3 other diaper boxes in random piles but I have no time or energy or space to do this... and I don't have a clue where to put the bins of girl clothes I haven't yet loaned out let alone these other clothes that my son won't be using for months (I have clothes up to 24 mos for boys... just waiting...) Oy! 2