Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meg turns 15 months old today!

This week is the biggest week in Thomas' marathon training. He’ll run 50 miles this week, then taper off, running less and less each week until the marathon. Since I’m commuting to a client 45 minutes away this week, I didn’t get home until 6:30. He picked Meg up at 5, hung out with her until I got home, then went off to run his 13 miles for today. I decreed it Mommy and Meg week, since he’ll be running so much.

From the second I got home at 6:30 until Meg was asleep at 8:15, I gave her my absolute undivided attention. We had the best time. We read books, chased eachother around the house, petted the kitty, and played games. I wish I could bottle her happiness. I can’t describe how thrilled she was to have me do whatever she wanted for an hour and a half without once looking at my phone. I really need to do that more.

One of her favorite things to do is to go through books looking for kitties.  No matter what book we're reading, even if she hasn't seen it before, she can always find the kitty on a page.  (A lot of her books involve cats since she's crazy about them.)  She can also identify Pooh Bear and (usually) puppies.

I can’t believe how grown up she’s getting. She’s been walking for three months and following directions for at least a month or two, but it still amazes me every time. If I say “Let’s go change your diaper” she goes to her room and stands by the changing table, waiting for me. If I say “Lets have some lunch,” she runs to either her highchair or the refrigerator. If we say “Time for your bottle!” she runs to the sink (she refuses to drink cold milk, so we warm the bottles in a cup of hot water in the sink). If I say “Put on your shoes and we’ll go outside!” she puts on her shoes (by herself!), RUNS to the door and starts banging on it, desperate to get outside. She loooooves going outside. What she really, really loves is going places. Once we’re outside, she runs to the garage, waits for me to open the door, goes to her door of the car, waits for me to open it, then climbs in. Then I lift her in her seat and buckle her in. If we go outside and I tell her that no, we’re not going for a car ride, she gets sad. She knows that if mommy or daddy is taking her somewhere we go out the back door and if grandma is taking her somewhere they go out the front door.

Her memory also amazes me. She likes to pull stuff out of a low cupboard in the kitchen and play with it. Months ago, she put an ice cream mix in one of the iced tea pitchers and its stayed there ever since. Last week she was playing and the contents of the cupboard got spread throughout the house. Since it was plague week in our house, they didn’t get picked up. The ice cream mix laid on the kitchen floor, wedged under a different cupboard, for 4 days. Last night, Meg noticed it and remembered where it was supposed to go. She ran over, picked it up, went to the cupboard, opened the door, took out the pitcher, took the lid off, put the mix in, put the lid back on, put the pitcher back in the cabinet, and closed the door. Thomas and I were floored. I know it doesn’t sound all that impressive, but this is by BABY. My little, tiny baby remembered where something she got out four days ago went and put it back, even thought it involved opening a cupboard and taking the lid off a pitcher. And she did it perfectly. I didn’t have to go over after she was done and finish the job. (Well, actually, I did, because after she finished putting it away, she got it out again, then put it away again, then got it out again, and repeated the process fifteen more times until I distracted her.)

I just never thought she’d be this grown up at fifteen months. It kind of makes me sad.

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