Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've been trying to come up with a name I feel comfortable with for this blog since I started it in February.  I think I've finally decided on one.  I decided to go with something simple and "me."  My mom has called me Jesabes (pronounced Jess-a-Bess) my whole life and I feel like its even more "me" than Jessica, even though I'm rarely called it anymore, since there are tons of people named Jessica, but no one I know personally with that nickname.  (By the way, I love my name and don't mind AT ALL that its not unique - I've always liked having a common/normal, pronouncable name).

In a semi-related thought, I have a weird thing about the nickname "Jess."  To me, Jess is a boy's name.  I hate it.  I spell it Jes, which I consider more feminine.  Almost everyone calls me Jessica.  If you want to call me Jes that's fine, but that's Jes, with the emphasis on the "Je" and the "s" as an afterthought, not Jess, with the emphasis on the "ss."  I'm a freak, I know.  The only person who thinks there's a difference is me.  Thomas always called me Jes (with the correct pronunciation) for the first couple of years we dated, but his friends (who became OUR friends) could never get it right and it drove me CRAZY so he had to set an example for them by calling me Jessica.  I kind of miss it, but I do not miss people writing "Jess" on my facebook wall.  It made me way more angry than it should have.  I suppose I should just grow up and get over it already, but I don't see that happening...

ANYWAY, I'm excited to have what I feel like is a permanent blog title.  Now I'll have to get a pretty banner.  How should I do that?  I need a new background, too.  This one's too pink.  I do like it, though.  Maybe with a brown banner?  I love brown & pink together.

Two questions:

Do you have strong feelings about the nicknames people choose to call you?  (Thomas HATES being called Tom.  You must use his full name.)

How did you do your banner or who did you have do it for you?


  1. Yes, I have a very strong opinion on my name. I have a very long name (4-syllables, 10 letters) that can be cut down into several different nicknames. I prefer the full name - sounds more adult, more sophisticated/elegant. As a child, my parents called me the most obvious nickname, but I feel that it's childish (ironically, my best friend has the same nickname and hates her full name) so as I've aged I have attempted to get people to call be by my full name.
    My dad and (late) uncle have called me the gender-neutral (though, I think more masculine) version, which I dislike, but tolerate from them. I also tolerate it from my 2 friends who have the same name (we are the only ones allowed to use said shortened version for each other - no one else is allowed to use it).

    I use The cutest blog on the block for my background - they have some really cute stuff on their site for free. I made my own banner using my own picture and Picasa, an online photo editing program. I need to update it, since it's a picture of Fuss from April 2009. But I figured I'd wait until the new baby arrived and go from there.

  2. Also, I had a friend named Jessica in high school (didn't we all?) and I called her "Jessa" instead of Jess or Jessi. (She was okay w/ Jess, but hated Jessi. My niece is also named Jessica and my SIL feels the same way , Jess is okay, but Jessi is a separate name). Funny how everyone has their own opinions of what to be called. Even my daughter tells me "I not , I " And she's only 2 1/2

  3. That was "I not NICKNAME, I FULLNAME"