Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you have a bloggy crush?*

I totally do. I guess I could have also titled this: what’s your favorite blog? I love reading Erin Zammett Ruddy’s blog posts. She doesn’t even have a “personal blog” (that I know of), but she wrote for for awhile and now writes on I found her Life With Cancer blog (on Glamour) absolutely fascinating. So was her book, My So-Called Normal Life, about getting cancer at 23.

Her Parenting blog is freakishly often about exactly what I’m thinking. We must have very similar personalities. I nearly always agree with everything she says. Even when a situation doesn’t apply to me (yet), like dealing with a toddler and a baby, I completely “get” what she’s saying. Most weeks, after reading her post, I go write my own post about the same thing, because I have so many thoughts about it. Yesterday, her post was (partly) about how she and her husband are kind of homebodies and throughout reading it, I was thinking: I just wrote about how I’m like that too! Now, she’s probably not as anti-social as me, but its odd how we usually think the same way about things. Maybe its just that she's a good writer and writes about universal parenting topics. I mean, what parent doesn't identify with a post titled: Saturday nights, then and now? I just feel like I agree with her way more often than I agree with some of the other bloggers. Some blogs I enjoy, but don’t always “get.” I love reading a blog where I almost always “get it.”

So, whats YOUR favorite blog? I need suggestions! I’m spending so much time reading blogs on my new phone, I’ve run out!

*I feel like I may have stolen the term “bloggy crush” from somewhere. Maggie, perhaps? I don’t remember. Its been on my list of “things to write about” for at least a month.

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  1. I think Maggie does use that term, which is funny, since Maggie is one of my Bloggy Crushes. I also Love Julia ( who was one of my original mom/infertility blogs that I read in the early days of reading blogs (for me - she already had hundreds of followers by the time I discovered her). My other faves are Heather Spohr (, Arwen (, Amanda ( and Brittany ( but then, I'm a blog-addict. (And as far as I know there is no 12-step program for blog addicts - not that it's a PROBLEM).

    Hope I've turned you on to a new read or 2!