Friday, June 4, 2010


I think its totally crazy how, even as babies, your kids can have strong personalities and they can be so different than your own. I pretty much think of Meg as an extension of me. At least I used to. But it has become obvious that we have opposite personalities (and always have, but I’ve tried to ignore it).

My mom says when I was a baby, I was quiet. I would sit and read books or play quietly. Meg is loud and in constant motion. She gets into everything. I thought all babies did this, but apparently I didn’t (or at least I didn’t in my mother’s selective memory). I’m an introvert. I like being at home alone. I actually didn’t feel like I got enough alone time even before we had a baby. Meg is a total extrovert. The most consistent comment we’ve gotten at any public place or party is how happy and well-behaved she is. She’s a charmer. She LOVES hanging out. She had a blast at my sister’s rehearsal dinner and wedding, even though she was up past her bedtime. She handles staying up past her bedtime better than I do, as long as she’s at a party.

The best way I’ve heard introvert vs. extrovert explained is that its not just whether you like being with people, its how you recharge. Introverts may like being in groups, but its draining for them. They recharge with alone time. Extroverts recharge by hanging out with people.

I am having a hard time adjusting to having an extrovert baby. When we’re home alone (which I prefer, because I don’t really like getting us all packed up and going out), she gets cranky and whiny and wants mama to entertain her. And even when I do entertain her, she’s not as happy as she is when we’re out. Anywhere. She loves the grocery store. Wal-Mart. Day care. Big parties (like the wedding) are her absolute favorite. She lives for family gatherings, with everyone fawning over her. I personally would HATE to have everyone in my face.

Already, I try to force myself to go somewhere, even if its just Target, on my days off, to make my social little girl happy. The sacrifices we make for our children…

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  1. Oh goodness, yes! My daughter is an extrovert. Of course, so am I (I HAVE to be social or I start falling into mild depression. Usually. Apparently, this pregnancy is doing weird things to me, since I'm more of a homebody lately. But by "more of" a homebody, I mean I am less likely to have to go out EVERY day, I can go 1-2 days without a major social interaction as long as I have my husband). Everyone says my daughter is just like me only magnified into a tinier package. :) She was the belle of the ball at 10 months old at my oldest friends' bridal shower where she knew NO ONE but me and kept the entire room entertained.