Monday, June 7, 2010

Going out and having fun

At work today, one of the single girls was talking about going to a baseball game tonight. We have a Triple-A minor league baseball team in town. She was like, "I can't NOT go! Its $1.00 admission night!"

I started thinking: its a really good thing I'm already married. Because if I wasn't, I don't know how I'd ever meet a guy. I don't like to go out. The girl at work thinks: why sit at home alone if I can go out and have fun? I think: why go out when I can stay home, change into sweats, and watch the TiVo? I'd have to hope to meet someone at church, because that would probably be the only place I'd go other than work and family functions!

One summer in college, I had an internship in a tiny town. I rented an apartment over a beauty shop on main street. I worked 2 minutes away. There was a movie theater across the street, but not much else to do. I lived alone. It was the best summer of my life. I would come home every night, make myself whatever I wanted for dinner (I wasn't on a diet), and watch the two "ER"s that played on TNT that morning, then probably a Law & Order.

Now, part of the reason it was so great was that I did have a boyfriend (who is now my husband). I guess I probably wouldn't have been as happy if I hadn't had someone to go see periodically. But "periodically" is the key word. I'm a loner. I think it would be awesome to have next-door apartments with my husband or something. (In college, we lived one floor apart in the dorms for two years and it was awesome!!) Obviously, it doesn't work if you have kids. But having my own space would be nice!

Don't tell my husband. He thinks it means I don't love him as much as he loves me, but that's not true. I love him a LOT, but I also like being alone. Am I a freak?

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