Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoe envy

I've never been a shoe girl. I'd love to be - I think shoes can be so pretty. But I have plantar fasciitis and wide feet. Really wide, as in the only shoes I've ever found that fit really well are New Balance "D" widths and some Born wide's. Plus, with the plantar fasciitis, I am in pain whenever I don't wear my orthodics (shoe inserts). These generally only fit in tennis shoes. So whenever I see gorgeous shoes, I admire them as one would a pretty painting, but I know they're not for me. I have one really pretty pair of heels, but I rarely wear them since if I do, I'm in pain for days afterward. I know some people "live for fashion" and don't care about the pain, but I'm a wuss.

Earlier this week, I ordered Meg a pair of pediped's. They are SO PRETTY. I love them. I love to look at them. I can honestly say I've never been this excited about a new pair of shoes. I also ordered a pair the next size up. I'm trying to decide whether to order a pair of black shoes. The ones I bought are good enough for most occasions, so I'm not sure if she absolutely needs another pair. On the other hand, why would you only have one pair of shoes in each size? I sense I'm going to have to make an effort to stop myself from spending bucketloads of money on shoes for Meg. I love having a little girl!

P.S. I bought these. They're on sale and half of the purchase price goes to the Make-a-Wish Foundation! I want to add a picture of Meg wearing them, but I can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer...

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