Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caffeine, part 2

I wanted to clarify the question I asked yesterday.

When I’m well rested and have a normal amount of energy, taking caffeine turns me into the energizer bunny. I’m here – I’m there, I get so! much! done! Excellent if speed cleaning is needed before last-minute houseguests show up. I still have side effects – my hands shake and my eyes twitch. And since I’ve gone “caffeine free” (as I said – I still get a little caffeine from decaf beverages and chocolate), I don’t do this anymore. Even if my mother-in-law is on her way over and the house is a mess. But I can understand how people like the productivity.

But, if I’m tired and/or drained of energy, taking caffeine makes me feel sick. Its like something is trying to force me to get going, but my body just resists moving all the more. It feels like people are playing tug of war in my head. I described it yesterday, so I won’t really get into it again.

I only respond well to caffeine if I’m not tired at all. So, what I was trying to say yesterday (and I didn’t state it well), is that I think a lot of people drink caffeine when they’re tired to get some additional energy. How does that work? Am I the only one who gets awful side effects when they take caffeine while tired? I can understand how caffeine helps you get more done – if you’re well rested to begin with. But does it really help you when you’re tired to begin with? Do you feel sick? Or is it just me?

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  1. A friend of mine who used to subsist on Pepsis and Mtn Dews and fast food (he almost never had healthy foods or water, etc.) decided to quit caffeine cold turkey one weekend. He made himself sick. He threw up. He had headaches for days, etc. But once he got over it, he was fine. And he NEVER drinks caffeine anymore. He doesn't like coffee (decaf or not) and only has caffeine free beverages like Sprite or juice, etc. He tends to go through caffeine-withdrawl symptoms after drinking just one caffeinated beverage, etc. So he reacts very poorly to it now, after he has gotten off his diet high in caffeine.