Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Title

Does anyone have suggestions on a new blog title? The one I have right now is kind of random. Here's how it came about:

My email address is my full name. I felt kind of uncomfortable using it to post comments on blogs or subscribe to email updates. I just don't like using my full name. So I decided to get a new email address. I tried MamaBlogs at gmail dot com, since I was going to use the email address to comment on and subscribe to blogs written by mothers. I basically chose it so it would be self-explanatory in my inbox (I set it up so emails to that address would go into my regular inbox - I have 4 different email addresses merged in gmail). Unfortunately, it was taken. Feeling lazy, I just added an extra "m" and made it MammaBlogs and gmail dot com. It looked wrong to me, since I spell Mama with one "m," but I figured it wouldn't matter. I wasn't really going to use the address for correspondence, anyway.

So, several months later, I decide to finally start a blog of my own. I couldn't think of a title. I wanted something anonymous. Again, I decided to be lazy, so since I already had the email, I got the corresponding blogspot site (MammaBlogs), since, again, Mama Blogs was taken in Blogger. Frankly, I wasn't sure if anyone would ever see the site. I set a goal to post every day for the first month. I didn't know if I would follow through... I actually thought this would just be a plain, boring blog with a few posts that would end up abandoned. OR, I thought it might be my "practice blog," then I'd start "real blog."

Well, I have kept up with it for four months and I intend to keep going. But I hate the title. I think it looks stupid with two "m"s. And its boring. But I still can't think of anything else. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I chose both my current and my former blog titles from quotes from favorite TV shows, but then, I am a TV-junkie and I talk in movie/TV quotes all the time, so it made sense for me. Do you have a favorite quotable TV show? Book? Movie? Maybe you could switch your blog title to something from that? (I'm also a pop-culture junkie, so this, again plays into my own personality. I haven't been reading here long enough to determine if you are as well). :)

  2. I'll have to think about that. I'm a Friends fanatic so maybe something from that. And I must say I love, love, love your blog title. House is one of my favorite shows, too!