Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

I get terrible morning sickness. I remember coming home from work and laying on the couch curled up in a ball for the rest of the evening, every day. I was completely miserable. For me, it lasted until I was about 18 weeks along. I was so relieved it went away and still feel blessed it only lasted 18 weeks. My mom was really sick the whole time with me and both my sisters. Nine months straight. I was terrified that’s what would happen to me (although I wouldn’t mind losing some weight!) So I consider myself incredibly blessed to not have nine-month-long morning sickness (at least I didn’t the first time). But, the possibility of being sick until I’m 18 weeks along with #2 is really screwing up the decision of when to have #2.

We’re going on a cruise in February. We're very excited. We have a big decision to make soon, though. When February rolls around, I really really would like to either NOT be pregnant, or be at least 18 weeks along. I do not want to finally go on a vacation after 3 years and be sick the whole time. The plane ride alone would be awful, since I get sick on planes even when I’m not pregnant.

To be at least 18 weeks along, I would have to get pregnant in the next few months - preferably 2 or 3 months from now. We’re not sure we’re ready for that. Well, Thomas isn’t. I go back and forth between “I really want another baby” and “I would be crazy to go through all that again already.” He just thinks its crazy.

So we’re leaning towards not trying before February. But then the decision becomes: do we start trying in February? That would mean a winter baby, which is fine, however, it was awesome having a spring baby. I loved it and want to do it again. But then we would have to wait until a year from now to start trying. Can I wait that long?

I realize it is a MAJOR luxury to be able to basically decide what time of year I have a baby. I read a lot of infertility blogs and those women would love to have a baby any time of year. Any time at all. They’d gladly go on a long-awaited vacation with horrible morning sickness, if it meant they got to finally have a baby. So I understand not many people have it as good as I do.

But since we got pregnant within days of starting to try last time, we know that could happen again. So we don’t want to start trying until we’re sure. Since we probably have the luxury of deciding approximately when to get pregnant, we have to actually decide. Soon.

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  1. Oh goodness! I had planned to not get pregnant so I would deliver over the heat of the summer, and I thought I would get my wish when I turned up pregnant in October, due in June. But then I miscarried and I wanted to try again quickly, emotionally. And so I did. But now we're due at the beginning of September. Oops. :)

    If it makes you feel any better, this pregnancy has been SO different as far as morning sickness, etc. than when I was pregnant w/ Fuss. I threw up daily w/ her and rarely with this one. Another friend of mine had a dream pregnancy with her first and had to be hospitalized because of morning sickness/dehydration with her second. So don't assume you WILL be sick with the 2nd for sure. Plus, there are a lot of anti-nausea medications you can take now that weren't available when your mom was pregnant (did you try them when you were pregnant last time?)

    Good luck on your decision!