Monday, March 26, 2012

By popular demand

All those who were wondering about the drying rack in my last post are in luck! I bought it on Amazon last week (or two weeks ago, maybe?). I love it. I've been laying my sweaters on the deep freeze to dry as that's about the only free flat surface and you can imagine how well that works. I don't know why it took buying the cloth diapers to make me actually purchase a drying rack, but at least I did!
Click on the picture for the link to Amazon. (I don't have an affiliate account, so it's not an affiliate link.)
As far as the anti-anxiety pills, these are the exact ones I bought at the supplement shop (though in a 45 capsule bottle). This brand has more reviews, if you want to see what others thought.
I feel weird taking something when I have no idea what it is. Plus vitamins and supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA (right?), so how do I know what’s actually in the bottle and if it does what it says it does? But the guy who runs the supplement shop is a licensed pharmacist, I have two friends who also take them (and sent me to the shop), and the compound is listed in the big ‘ol drug interaction book I recognize from working in pharmacies (he looked it up to make sure it is compatible with breastfeeding)(it is). Per his recommendation, I take one three times a day, thought the bottle says to take one every 4 hours and I think that would be even more effective.
Just FYI, the capsules taste rather fishy. Not sketchy, but like actual fish. They’re vegetarian capsules, which means no gelatin, and they must use some sort of fish product instead. It’s not like taking fish oil, where you taste fish for hours afterward, but if I don’t swallow fast enough the taste makes me gag. (I know, I know - that's what she said.)


  1. BWAHAAAA! You make me laugh.

    "...rather fishy. Not sketchy, but like actual fish."

  2. That made me laugh, too! So did the last two sentences. ;-)

    Now, I am off to buy that rack (also a "she said," i suppose)!

  3. (Am catching up on everything.) Can I just copy you? It wouldn't be weird to get the supplements AND the drying rack? No?