Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun new things

Let's talk about something more fun!

Look what I bought:
Amazon's been driving me crazy messing around with Amazon Mom and diaper prices. It no longer saves me that much money to buy diapers from them and I can't find them as cheap as I used to anywhere. When Jen tweeted her friend was selling her stash of cloth diapers I decided to go for it.

I already have two wet bags (they're useful for so many things!) and wash all our clothes in cloth-diaper safe soap (Charlie's). I've read a lot about cloth diapers, because I've always found them to be fascinating, just not for us (daycare won't use them, I wasn't sure if I wanted to ask my mom to use them when the kids are at her house, I can get coupon my way to nearly free diapers anyway.) Those things have changed now - Paul doesn't go to daycare anymore, I can't get super cheap diapers, and my mom cloth diapered ME with prefolds, so she should love Bum Geniuses.

I think we're pretty well set up, but I'd love to get any advice you have! How many do you think we need for one toddler if I plan on washing every other day (I currently have 12)? Are they really one-size (we have Bum Genius 3.0s)? Paul seems to be already almost as big as they allow. How soon is he going to grow out of them? Anything else I should know?


  1. You might need a couple more, I had 19 regular ones and a couple of spares and I could wash every third day.

    The 3.0s fit Elizabeth all the way up through potty training and she's >95%. I bet I could stil put them on her now. I still have a few of mine left if you want to buy more. There is also a cloth diapering tab on my blog with links to all the stuff I've written about my diapers over the years.

    1. Is M trained? That's awesome! Even if she's not, I found that the BG 3.0s we had fit Teddy pretty much until he was trained. If you're worried and you're willing to buy new, the BG 4.0s have a larger weight range and you can get them in snaps as well. We love both.

      My big advice? DIAPER SPRAYER. So much easier for dealing with nasty poop. We use fleece liners in the diapers (bought some cheap microfleece and cut it up) so you can lift them right out and shake off the poop/spray it off.

      Good luck!