Thursday, March 8, 2012

I guess I'm going to be a grandma

We’ve reached the point where Meg doesn’t remember life without a brother. I was trying to explain to her last night someone we know is pregnant and she thought I was crazy.

Me: “Remember when Paul was in mommy’s tummy?”

Her: *skeptical look*

Me: “Remember? He was in my tummy?”

Her: “He’s right here.”

Me: “Yeah, remember, he came out? He was in mommy’s tummy, then he came out?”

Her: *looking at Paul like there is NO WAY this enormous child used to be in someone*

Me: “Whatever. You know Kathy (name has been changed)? She has a baby in her tummy!”

Her: “Well I have a baby in my tummy, too!”

Me: “No really. Soon she’ll have a baby like Paul!”

Her: “Me too!”


  1. Her skepticism is making me laugh kind of hard.

  2. This makes me laugh because I am currently pregnant and my 2 year old daughter is always telling me that she too has a baby in her tummy. Oh boy :)