Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pregnancy cravings are nothing to laugh at

Lately I’ve been crying all the time for basically no reason.  There have been little triggers here and there that get me started, but once I start, I don’t stop. 
For instance, earlier someone mentioned something about cake batter ice cream AND something about how she didn’t like sprinkles, which led me to instantly NEED a Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone (cake batter ice cream with a brownie, sprinkes, and chocolate sauce mixed in).  I needed it RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND and, no, I was not going to get it myself.  My husband HAD to go get it and when he suggested we go out for ice cream after dinner instead of right that second I burst into tears and didn’t stop crying for 45 minutes.  But, because I felt so pathetic crying over ice cream, I left the room first so he wouldn’t KNOW I was crying over ice cream, which means even though I was VERY VERY upset, he still didn’t get me the ice cream.  It’s been five hours at this point and I’m still upset.
I’ve spent those five hours crying over various things, like the fact my husband and child want to see with me and won’t, for the love of God, leave me alone.  I just want to cry in peace!  Also, my sister sent an email asking if various dates would work to throw me a baby shower and I cried for a good half hour about that, because it’s just so NICE.  She’s been testing recipes for all sorts of goodies and excitedly planning a shower for my SECOND baby.  Then, Thomas wanted to know what meals I feel like eating next week so he could do all the grocery shopping, but how could he even ask that when he should have known perfectly well I can’t think about regular food because all I want is ICE CREAM?  Ice cream which he has NOT yet bought me.  Of course, I didn’t say this because, again, I don’t want to seem too pathetic, but I still couldn’t come up with a single meal I wanted to eat next week.
So he planned all of the meals himself, took Meg to the store, and did all of the grocery shopping.  He came home with Breyers Vanilla Caramel Brownie ice cream, which again made me cry.  Yes, Breyers is my absolute favorite buy-at-the-store ice cream and vanilla caramel brownie sounds divine, but grocery store ice cream is NOT GOING TO CUT IT.  I need Cold Stone and have I mentioned I haven’t yet gotten it?? 
I feel like a giant whiny brat.  My 21-month-old has acted more mature this afternoon.  I swear, I will never laugh the same way when pregnant women on sitcoms get cravings.  I always thought it was exaggerated, but I get it now, I totally get it.

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  1. I was CRAZY during this 2nd pregnancy. It was awful. I swear there were times when I had 2 people in my head. The crazy, nutty woman who complained all the time, etc. and the sane woman that is at least more akin to the woman I usually am.