Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to December

I’ve mentioned before I associate songs that were very popular during times I had morning sickness with nausea. I STILL can’t hear Pink’s “So What” without vividly recalling a business trip I took when two months pregnant with Meg. Not only was “So What” on all radio stations all the time, but the local radio station there was having some sort of contest once an hour where you had to call in every time they played it. We heard it 10 times in one day. That week was miserable – stuck in a small town with only a DINER to eat at, a diner that had a grease smell so overpowering just walking through the door often made me throw up.

I think the only time I’ve been more miserable in my life is the drive home from the Blathering last fall. I spent the whole trip trying not to throw up AND trying not to fall asleep at the wheel, thanks to a half a Unisom I’d taken that morning. I was listening to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now CD and every song on that CD is now dead to me (except “Mine,” which came out before I got sick, so I was able to fall in love with it without any bad associations). “Back to December” has become the official morning sickness song of this pregnancy since it was (and still is) on the radio ALL THE TIME. I still come thisclose to puking every time I hear it. But I can’t avoid it because it’s played on every station. Please, please, please stop playing that song. Please.

You won’t believe it, but “So What” just came on the radio. Seriously.

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  1. My weird thing in pregnancy was a rating system of foods that I threw up. Yeah, I actually had it down to a science which things would come back up easier or harder. Weird.