Sunday, March 27, 2011

I hate food

Despite the fact our fridge looks like this:
(this is where the picture of my fridge completely stuffed full of food that I've uploaded and added to the post four times would go IF BLOGGER WOULD STOP SUCKING FOR ONE SECOND)
And the counter looks like this:

(another picture of a counterfull of food)

(the cupboards above that are ALSO full)

There was not one single thing in the house my stomach would deign to accept for dinner. Not that it physically rejected dinner, it just told me in no uncertain terms that if I tried to eat any of those options it wouldn’t hesitate to do so. I’m still not enjoying any foods except sugar. I haven’t thrown up in weeks (maybe a couple months?), but I still fight back nausea every single time I eat anything not containing chocolate. At every meal, I force myself to eat what I deem to be enough to not starve the baby, then quit.

Tonight, I finally decided on this for dinner:
(picture of box of Weight Watchers French Vanilla calcium fortified drink mix)
I’ve never done Weight Watchers (though I’m thinking about starting it post-baby), but my sister is on it and gave me these a few months ago. She was all like: “I know you’re four months pregnant, but you seem to be putting on a lot of weight and I think you might want to slow down a little. Have you considered Weight Watchers?”

Just kidding.

She bought the mix, then didn’t like it, so she figured since I was nauseous all the time, something high in calcium and vitamins that I could drink might be a good way of bypassing food. She was right and I love her. Also, I was not one bit offended to be given the box, even though it did say Weight Watchers. Since liquids are pretty much the only thing I can eat/drink without gagging, I think I need one of those Vita-Mix things, so I can puree all of my meals.  Anyone have one they tried, didn't like, and want to give to me?

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  1. I drank Slim Fast shakes every morning for breakfast w/ my first pregnancy. (first trimester) I also had some dry cereal (I hate milk on my cereal) so I wasn't JUST drinking Slim Fast (I wasn't worried about gaining weight) but I knew there were good vitamins and such in the drinks and they were easy, reasonably healthy things that I could just grab-n-go. I threw up EVERY morning until about 17 weeks. Once before I even had the chance to eat something and once after I arrived at work (and sometimes a few other times, but the 2 times per morning were almost guaranteed) and I found the Shakes had a good effect on my tummy (and if necessary, were easy to come back up)