Thursday, March 31, 2011

Takes "kids are expensive" to a whole new level

You know how when a kid is whining sometimes you feel like your head is going to explode?  My body apparently decided grinding my teeth is a good way to release that stress.  I only grind my teeth when Meg whines.  Not at night or during other stressful situations.  Obviously, when I notice I'm grinding my teeth I try to stop, but it still happens too much.  I found out today I have a cracked tooth.  I need a crown ASAP before the root cracks, causing me to need a root canal.  My dentist says I probably cracked the tooth by grinding my teeth.  He also said if I continue to do it I'll probably crack more teeth.  At $500 per crown, that whining could get REALLY expensive...

Interestingly, my mom also ground her teeth when my sisters and I were little.  She ended up with TMJ.  She tried for years to stop grinding her teeth, but nothing ever worked.  It eventually went away when we got older and didn't whine as much.  I've got too many years left before my kids are old enough for that!

P.S.  When my tooth cracked the filling in it popped out, so now it's REALLY sensitive, especially to sweets.  I've been avoiding sugar completely, which is pretty amazing considering I've been practically mainlining Thin Mints for weeks now.  Unfortunately, tomorrow morning I have my glucose test.  The thought of drinking pure sugar almost makes me cry.  I can't imagine how much its going to hurt.

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