Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. We’ll be on our cruise when I’m 20 weeks along, so my doctor let me reschedule my 20 week appointment (the big ultrasound) for 19 weeks! We’re so excited we (hopefully) get to find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl before we leave.

2. I’ve been trying to find maternity summer clothes on eBay, since I need some for the cruise and I figure they’re not quite in stores yet, but I’m not having any luck. Don’t people understand the reason no one is buying their clothes is because they’re listing them for too much? Lower your prices!!

3. I don’t really want to get into the ‘Why Chinese Mothers are Better’ debate. Everything I feel about it has already been said by someone. That said, I have REALLY been enjoying the whole debate. There are so many great pieces about it. A couple of my favorites were Kristen Chase’s article about her experience being raised by a ‘Chinese mother’ and Denene Millner’s article about stereotypes on

4. I just realized my 1 year blogoversary is coming up. One of the first things I wrote about is how Meg crawled for the first time while I was at work. I can’t believe it was only a year ago. It seems like DECADES ago!

5. I learned this week that the fight song of the Chicago Bears starts “Bear down, Chicago Bears.” Every time I hear it, it makes me laugh. When I hear “bear down,” I think woman in labor about to push. How do people sing this song with a straight face?

6. Whenever the cat comes near any of Meg’s toys, she freaks out and runs toward the cat saying “No! No! NO!” We’ve been trying to teach her if the cat can’t touch her toys, she can’t play with the cat’s toys. She started playing with a cat toy today and I reminded her that toy was only for the cat. So she went and got her stuffed cat and had her play with the toy (blurry picture taken with my phone).

7. I think my child is a prodigy –only 19 months old and she can put on her own tights!
 Okay, maybe not a prodigy.

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