Monday, January 10, 2011


Last March, I think, we booked a Caribbean cruise for this February. Since it was so far off, I’ve always had the attitude it would never get here. It was better for my sanity. But now I’ve realized it’s in approximately 4 weeks and I have done nothing to prepare. I spent several panicked hours last Wednesday night searching the house for my passport, which wasn’t in its usual spot. I finally found it in my still-packed carry-on from when we went to Ireland in December 2007. I haven’t been on a plane since.

I also realized I have very few summery maternity clothes. Meg was born in May so I managed to wear my bought-for-winter long-sleeved shirts and jeans until the end. I think I have 2 short-sleeved shirts and that’s it. No shorts. Lots of sweaters and work pants. I’ve gotten to the point where wearing regular pants is pretty uncomfortable, but maternity pants look stupid (I hate this phase). There’s no way any of my shorts or capris will fit in 4 weeks. I think I’ll be doing some major eBay shopping this week. Also, are you allowed to wear pants on formal nights? If not, I also have to find a maternity dress and I just don’t want to.

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