Monday, January 24, 2011

I wonder if this happens to other people, too.

Last Monday, my parent’s washing machine died, so mom went to Sears to buy a new one. Since then, she’s been having problem after problem with getting it delivered, including cancelled delivery orders, the first washer having to be sent back to the manufacturer due to a defect, her waiting at home for it because no one TOLD her it had to be sent back, rescheduling the delivery, etc, etc. This washing machine has caused a lot of trouble over the last week and since she was trying to start a load when she discovered the old one wouldn’t work, they’ve been running out of clean clothes.

The new one finally came today. The delivery guy installed it. It didn’t work. The guy suggested she check the fuse box just in case. The fuse was blown. In all likelihood the old washing machine was JUST FINE. The outlet it was plugged in to just wasn’t working. Instead of buying a new one and dealing with the delivery service all week, all she had to do was reset the fuse. OOPS. (The guy offered to bring the old machine back in and refund her money, but she kept the new one.)

If YOUR washer stopped working would YOU check the fuse box?? I certainly wouldn’t. I will now, though!

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