Friday, April 16, 2010

Spending the day with my beautiful baby

Today I had one of those perfect baby-days. Not that Meg was an angel. She got into plenty of thing she isn’t supposed to and I had to chase her around pretty much all day. But that was my plan for the day. To spend time with her. I guess it was kind of a reward for both of us for surviving the strange week. All day long, I kept thinking, I can’t believe I get to spend my day with this beautiful, amazing baby. This is like, the best baby in the WHOLE WORLD, and I get to play with her all day! I’m so lucky! I wish I had that attitude more days. I think part of the wonderfulness of the day is that I didn’t once think about the internet. I spent part of the day reading a book while Meg played nearby and the rest of the day playing with her.

We didn’t have internet at the client’s this week and the last time I checked my email was Monday night in the hotel. As each day passes, the unread messages count in my inbox increases and my desire to read them decreases. I’m not even going on the internet to post this. I’ll post (and backdate) it Monday when I get back into work mode. Which means I’ll go a whole week without getting on the internet. Wow.

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