Friday, April 30, 2010

Hard Days

We had a really hard day today. Meg was whiny and cranky and so was I. All week at work, I look forward to my time at home with Meg. I really hate it when “our day” finally comes and suddenly all I want is for it to be over.

As I said in the disclaimer, every situation has its challenges, from stay-at-home to full-time-working and everything in between. My problem is when I work Monday-Thursday, I’m exhausted by Friday and my husband isn’t home to help, like on Saturday. This week was particularly busy and tiring, so I couldn’t face doing anything on Friday. The thought of getting us both dressed, fed, packed, and out the door was completely overwhelming. I thought Meg and I could just do nothing. Turns out that doesn’t work. I was exhausted, but Meg was not and she wanted me to entertain her. It was actually harder on me to keep her occupied at home all day than it would have been to run errands. She loves going to the store and she usually falls asleep on the way home, so I have some time to get things done. And, to a lesser extent, getting things done at home also entertains her. Its more interesting to watch her mommy clean the kitchen than it is to watch her lay on the couch. I’ll try to remember this for the future, but, as I said, some weeks its just so hard to get out of the house…

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