Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What we ate: Honey Sesame Chicken, Spanish Chicken & Rice

This is actually from a few weeks ago. I didn't get one of these written before leaving for Arizona and since we got back (a week ago!) we've been kind of just winging it. A lot of "it's 5:00, what do I dooooooo," kind of stuff. Hopefully this week will be better.

Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken
We made this and had my family over for Chinese New Year. Thomas was getting a little sick of all the chicken crock pot recipes, so we tried it with pork instead. After it was all cooked, I mixed in a bag of snow peas and it was pretty dang good. I've made several crock pot honey something recipes and I liked that with this one you thickened the sauce. Between that and the peas, it really tasted like Chinese takeout. Americanized Chinese, of course, but that's the kind I like.

Spanish Chicken & Rice
My sister spent 6 months in Ecuador during college and once she was back home she found this Ecuadorian restaurant in town that makes pretty authentic food. I love their Arroz con Polo, but always feel like I shouldn't order it because chicken and rice is as simple as it gets, right? I'm at a restaurant! I should get something something fancier!

So I saw this recipe and decided to try it at home. We rarely go to the restaurant, especially since my sister has now moved away (to SPAIN), and if I could make good Arroz con Polo at home I could 1. Have it more often and 2. Order something else if we go to the Ecuadorian place.

Well......I'm going to have to go order it. Maybe takeout or something. This did not work. It might not be the recipe's fault, because I used the spice blend substitute listed as an option instead of the sazon. Also, when the rice was cooking down, I got distracted and it overcooked a little. Plus, as the recipe says "Arroz con pollo can be made so many different ways and also varies from country to country," so I knew it might not be exactly what I was looking for. But, regardless, we probably won't making this particular one again. I thought it was OK, but not worth all the work and dirty dishes. The kids found the spices too strong and refused to eat it.

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