Wednesday, March 6, 2013

52 Date Nights, Week 18: Home Improvement

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This one was technically called "paint a room," but the fine print said any home improvement project would do. My mom found an old Curious George book in a thrift shop last week and I just loved the artwork. I thought it would be a cute decoration to go above Paul's crib and, luckily, Thomas was on board.

We went on a family excursion on Saturday to look for frames and found these that were just the right (odd) size AND on clearance (what are the odds?!).

So, 75 cents for the book, $12 for frames, and $1.50 in hardware to hang them = new art for our little monkey's room.

While we were already measuring and hanging, we put up all of the rest of the artwork we had for the kids' rooms - something that had been on the to-do list for YEARS.

I bought these prints before Paul was even born. (I was six or seven months pregnant, so the one in his room was purchased for him specifically.) A year later I finally got them framed. Another year later and we finally put them on the wall.

The one on top (Paul's) and the lower right (Margaret's) came from Emily Burger Designs on Etsy. Maggie linked to something from her once, I think, and I noticed she lived in Des Moines, like us, so I got to go to her house and buy these directly from her! How cool is that? Handmade AND local. (Plus, no shipping cost!)

The one above Margaret's head in the lower left is one of these custom personalized maps from Leen Machine paper studio. A'Dell recommended them on Style Lush and I thought instead of doing it as a wedding gift, I could make one birth-announcement style for Margaret. The heart is over Des Moines, where she was born, and her date, time, and location of birth are listed. The colors are custom chosen to match her wall colors and I can't say enough good things about Leen Machine for going back and forth and back and forth with me to get the colors right. I cannot believe I bought this two years ago and just now got it on the wall!


  1. I love the Curious George pictures! I have a really similar project in my son's room--I wanted a puppy theme, so I scanned pictures from The Poky Little Puppy and framed them on his wall. Of course, now my husband has added a Star Wars night light and a Darth Tater Mr. Potato Head, etc., so my sweet puppy nursery is turning into a big boy's room too soon. :(

    1. My husband buys anything Batman he can find, so yeah. I feel you.

  2. I love those prints and the what a great idea on the Curious George book!

    1. Thank you! I love them, too, and can't believe I let them sit in the closet for a year. At least I didn't with the George book.