Monday, March 11, 2013

Scenes from Arizona

While playing mail delivery:

Grandma: C.O.D., cash on delivery!

Margaret: Cats on delivery?!


She doesn't know what telemarketers are:

Margaret: Why did that person call you?

Grandma: He wanted to sell me something.

Margaret: But why did you hang up on him? Don't you know him? How did he know your phone number?


He doesn't know what landlines are:

Paul: Hello! Hello! Hello!

Phone: If you would like to dial a number, please hang up and try again.

All adults in the house, ad infinitum: That's not a toy!


We have a 'safety' can opener:

Me: Please be careful not to touch this lid, it could cut you.

Margaret: That's not very nice. Our cans don't do that.


Busy little boy:

Mom, in pantry: Talk, talk, talk

Grandma, in kitchen: Talk, talk, talk

Paul: *running back and forth*

Grandpa, sitting in front of a whole pile of potatoes: How many of these do we have in there?

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