Wednesday, March 20, 2013

52 Date Nights, Week 20: Make Music

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This was another one where we were at a loss. Neither of us really plays an instrument and the 'pots and pans' idea wasn't really floating our boat. Then I realized we do have some musical instruments in the house.

We didn't even have to disturb the kids because all of their musical instruments have migrated to the back of a closet in the basement. (I admit to nothing.)

I pulled out the instruments pictured above, then gave the closet one last glance. And that's when I saw it. My nemesis.
Please no.
Pretty soon we were torturing each other with "witty kitty songs." (witty kitty songs, people. This is what they're actually called.) If you're not careful, I'll come after you with "'Where's our gerbil,' sung to the tune of Skip to my Lou." A classic. Thomas might even come along to accompany it on the toy drum. We scared the daylights out of the real cat.
I like to think that with enough practice we, too, could find "The Sound."


  1. LOVE.

    My husband and I both played instruments once upon a time (me, clarinet; him, sax) but if this were a date night for us we'd pull out Rock Band.

    1. Ooh, Rock Band. Good idea. I think we have Guitar Hero around somewhere. It's been awhile.

  2. Replies
    1. Do you by chance need TWO cat pianos at your house? I know of one that might be available.

  3. HAHAHAHA! Now I know what to get new parents who I hate! (Not that I have any new parents that I hate but, you know, I'll write it down just in case!)