Wednesday, October 31, 2012

52 Date Nights: Week six, Take a bubble bath

Free stay-at-home date night ideas PDF download here. (Not sponsored.) Previous date night posts here.

For tonight’s date night, we decided on #40 Take a Bubble Bath. Since I obviously wasn’t going to post pictures, I tried to think of what to use as a visual. As Friends is pretty much always the first thing that comes to my mind in any situation, I considered Monica and Chandler taking a bubble bath. Which lead to “Chicken? I could go for some chicken.”

So, I give you: romantic bubble bath (with champagne, just like Monica and Chandler) and…chicken. Thomas looked up the quote so he could get the order exactly right.

Our life is usually boring and predictable, which I like, but its fun to do something completely weird every now and then. Two people squeezing into a too-small tub and eating chicken? That’s weird. It practically counted as #47 Have a Comedy Night, but I don’t think this was the original intention of that activity. We’ll save it for another time.