Friday, October 19, 2012

Seven Quick Takes, mostly about food

  1. It seems I’m the only person on Twitter who doesn’t like the texture of fluffy eggs. WHY must people insist on fluffifying the eggs? Don’t add milk! Don’t cook in butter! (That doesn’t have anything to do with texture, I just don’t like it.)
  2. I found a jar of Trader Joe’s peanut butter that needed using up and am eating it this week. Living on the edge! (It’s not on the recall list, so I’m hoping for the best.) (After I looked at that recall list, though, I realized I ate a ThinkThin bar that is on it. Oops.)
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  4. Have you tried BB cream yet? It’s a combination product that often takes the place of several things (foundation included). I’ve tried several and my hands-down favorite is Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse. I think different BB creams are meant to replace different products – right? Some don’t have sunscreen, some do. Some don’t replace moisturizer, some do. Well, the Water Fuse is super moisturizing and my skin has been better hydrated using it instead of moisturizer plus foundation. It’s not cheap and I wouldn’t have randomly picked it up, but I got one in my Birchbox a while ago and fell in love. Make sure you get the WaterFuse, as I tried the Dr. Jart Premium and didn’t like it – it was too thick. It seems most people have a favorite already - what's yours?
  5. Don’t forget to sign up for the Shutterfly giveaway! You could win a $50 credit to use for anything on their site.
  6. Someone made the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for mom's club today and they were amazing. I'd always heard they were good, but I'm not much of a cinnamon roll person (or a baking with yeast person), so I dismissed them as something I'd never make. I may need to change that.
  7. At Christmastime I volunteer to bring cookies to everything so I can prep anytime I want and freeze them instead of having to make something right before leaving. I started making batches a few weeks ago to cut down on holiday stress, but they've been slowly disappearing from our freezer. I've made 17 dozen and we have about 4 dozen left. Maybe we need a new freezer.
    (I should mention I'm rather free with cookie gifts when I feel like I have plenty so I've given away 8 dozen so far. They're never going to last until Christmas.)
  8. I still don't have Halloween costumes for the kids. I'm just not into Halloween at ALL this year and costumes seem like a whole lot of money for some crappy fabric. Meg said cheerfully she'll just wear her costume from last year (love her!), but I'm not sure it will fit. I know Paul's won't. Have you seen any good sales?


  1. I think it was about two years ago when I wasn't feeling Halloween. Just kind of "meh" about it all.

  2. I seriously lacked inspiration for Halloween costumes this year. I just didn't like any of the baby costumes and I couldn't come up with a joint costume for the boys. I had about given up when we came across Yoda and Sean agreed Darth Vader would be cool. So done and done.

    I loved the sample of Dr. Jart's I got but I haven't been able to allow myself to spend the money on a full size tub. One soon I will.

  3. I don't like fluffy eggs either. After the convo on twitter the other day I tried adding milk, cooking them till they were ALMOST done and leaving them covered but off the heat for about 5 minutes. BLECK. I had to nuke them for another 45 seconds before they were edible.

    I think it's because my dad taught me to make eggs, so I learned to make them overdone -- like, a little bit browned. And that's how I'd always eaten them, because that's how my dad makes them (and now my mom does too, because when we were little we used to tell her they were too slimy, to make them like Dad does, so she finally gave in and learned to like overcooked eggs).

    I really want to try to WaterFuse+ BB cream, I tested a teeny bit on my hand at Sephora and liked it a lot. But it's just so pricy and I've had good luck with the L'Oreal stuff (that I had to order off Amazon because it's NEVER in stock at ANY of the four Targets within a 20-minute drive of my house) that I just can't justify the extra cost.

  4. Interesting about Dr. Jarts. I have the Garnier or someone cheap like that BB Cream. I thought they were the only ones who made it. It's OKAY. Maybe I'll try a nicer one.

  5. I have not tried the BB cream, but when I get some spare seconds, I am rushing to Target to try some (too cheap for Sephora, yo). And I looove looove the PW's cinnamon rolls. It is a Christmas tradition around here now.

  6. I made those cinnamon rolls for Christmas two years ago. Very popular indeed.