Wednesday, October 3, 2012

52 Date Night Ideas: Week 2

Week 1 hereDate Night Ideas PDF download here. (Not sponsored.)

We got the Sunday paper this week, which inspired us to tackle #22 Complete a crossword puzzle. Also, a bottle of wine. Seemed like it would liven up the crossword. Unfortunately, it turned out we were both hoping the other person was good at crosswords and neither of us was in luck. Especially since it was the New York Times’ crossword and we apparently don't speak that language. 

After a while we gave up and switched over to the word jumble. Which was also embarrassingly hard, but we finished it! We also finished the wine.* GO US.
You can see how pathetically few words we got on the crossword.
*The bottle was only half full when we started.

We then decided to #29 Take a Quiz and I chose the 5 Love Languages Quiz without even realizing that was the actual suggestion on Hallie’s list. I hadn’t looked at the descriptions in a while and actually just went over to look and see if she meant more of a knowledge quiz – like the crossword puzzle – and we’d missed the point. Guess not!
I’ve wanted to take the love languages quiz for years, but have never actually done it. I even checked out the book from the Kindle lending library in May. Still haven’t read it.
We discovered Thomas’ #1 love language is physical touch, which, coincidentally, is my last choice. I don’t even know how it got those 2 points. I should make them a negative 2. I’ve heard this is common for couples with small children? The wife wants everyone to back off and stop touching her, while the husband misses the wife who used to want to snuggle? That’s us. (DON’T. TOUCH. ME.) (I’ll hug you in NOLA, though.)

So that was helpful. Not sure what we’re going to do about it. Maybe I should read the book.


  1. Ha, I ended up with very similar scores to yours. I too got the highest marks for "acts of service" and lowest for "physical touch". I think the only reason I got any score for touch was that there were a few things where it was the better option even though I didn't like either choice. (Oh, and because the one that asked about massage got a big "hell yeah". I always like massages.)

    1. Oh, yeah! That must be where the two points came from. I looooove massages.

  2. I've heard that a LOT about women with kids not wanting to be touched. My #1 is also touch - I'm basically a cat. If I could have someone playing with hair and rubbing my back 100% of the time, I'd be the happiest Susie that ever lived. I'm really curious to see if that changes as the baby years wear on.

  3. I bought these books for T and I to go through and it's been an interesting exercise as a couple. I'm kind of digging it.

  4. Now I can't even remember if I particularly liked being touched before having children, but I suspect not. You can skip hugging me, if you want to save up for the huggers. ;)