Wednesday, October 24, 2012

52 Date Nights, Week five: Look at family photos

We’ve been crazy busy (no date night last weekendL ), so decided to make last night a simple, laid back date night. We Snuggle(d) in Sensuous Sleepwear (#4), while #19 Look(ing) at Family Photos. I recently finished and ordered Paul’s first year book, so we looked at that and also grabbed Meg’s.
Then we pulled out photo albums from when WE were babies.

1985 Jessica is watching you.
For good measure, I propped the life-size Baby Jessica poster on the couch.

(What? You don’t have one of those? I was the first grandchild and my grandpa developed photos in his basement.)

Nothing says sexy like a baby staring at you. Not just any baby, either, but YOU as a baby.

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  1. I am cracking up at your last sentence!

  2. I love your photo caption. Also, when I hear baby Jessica, I think of the little girl that fell into the well. Wasn't that baby Jessica also? Or is that before your time, since I realize your baby photo is from 1985 for the love of Pete.

    1. No, I thought of it, too, when I wrote it. I do think she was around my age (a little younger?) but while I don't remember it in real time, I definitely have that association!

  3. This entire post cracked me up. You're so funny.

    (And I thought you meant Well-Baby-Jessica TOO.)

    1. I knew everyone would think that! I looked it up and that happened in 1987. You'd think with a name as popular as Jessica the association would go away after 25 years!