Thursday, November 1, 2012

Words, 16 months

Paul still doesn’t talk much. He finds pointing efficient enough and doesn’t understand why words are necessary. He understands what we’re saying, responds with head nods, and follows instructions. We know he knows the words, because if he really needs them, he uses them. He just prefers not to.

Apparently one day when he and Meg were fighting over who got to sit in a chair at Grandma’s he finally turned to her and said “NO, NO.” He’s refused to say no again.

We went to Homecoming at Iowa State on Saturday and Paul slept the whole car ride there. When he woke up and didn’t recognize the scenery outside his window, he said Mama?! That’s still one of the only time he’s said it on purpose. (Pretty much the only thing he does say is mo, for more food, which can sound like ma. Especially when he says mo! mo!)

When we were leaving the hospital after visiting my sister’s new baby, he said bye! to the baby. He won’t say it to anyone else, just waves. It was like that episode of Friends where Ben says hi. Everyone in the room was saying “bye! bye!” in a high baby voice. We didn’t want to leave, just had him keep repeating it!

One of these days he’s going to bust out full sentences on us, I know it. He seems to be one of those kids who wants to know he can do something perfectly before diving in. It can get frustrating at times, but I kind of love his cute little signs and pointing. It’s one of those things I know is ending soon, so I’m trying to soak it up.

(Oh, and he pretty much doesn’t say anything in this old post anymore. Not even kitty! But he does call the cat “meow” now, which is even cuter. “EEowwww! EEowwww!” He also says woof and moo. Animals are his favorite.)


  1. I think this is a symptom of being a second kid. Gizmo was the same way. She's 22 months now and just in the past 1 month she's had a language explosion. There is still jibberish in there but so. many. words.

  2. Isn't it SO WEIRD to have a second kid that talks way less than the first? We are definitely experiencing this with Lucy, so I tend to agree with Michelle's comment.

  3. I love this perspective. It's so hard not to worry when kid #2 talks SO MUCH LESS than kid #1 and worry that he's falling behind. Definitely worth remembering to appreciate the cuteness! He sounds so much like my 18 month old in language development, it's eerie. Caleb will learn a word, use it for a few weeks and then completely drop it from his vocab (example: everything was "Bella" for a few weeks (our dog's name) … yet now, we can't get him to say Bella to save our lives, and he calls her "woof", as he calls all other dogs). Ha. And I know he understands and comprehends, he just doesn't want to use those words. You are right … one day they will just explode with language!