Friday, May 20, 2011

We made it through the day (if the day ever actually ends...)

We woke up this morning to a torrential downpour, which did not bode well for our park playdate. But the rain stopped before we went to my OB appointment and was still holding off at 10. It’s supposed to rain off and on through tomorrow and there was no way we were staying inside that whole time, so we went to the park. I brought an old towel to dry stuff off and let the other people know I was still going. All of them decided to stay home. It actually worked out fine. There was a big Montessori 4-year-old preschool group there (I think it was an end-of-the-year celebration or something – all the parents came and all the teachers, so there were tons of adults). The kids were too old to play with Meg, but weren’t afraid of getting wet, so all the equipment ended up getting dried off with various kids’ pants which was nice. After the group left, we had our picnic lunch. The whole thing killed two hours and got us out of the house, so I’m really glad we went. We both had fun.

I thought our morning at the park would make naptime a piece of cake, but Meg fought it for a while. I sat in her room for 20 minutes, then left, and about 15 minutes later she started crying. I figured she’d cry for 5 minutes and go to sleep (which is what she always does). When she was still crying (more like screaming) 20 minutes later I was quite frustrated and finally went in. She’d been trying to pull stuff off her bookshelf and gotten her arm stuck between the crib and the wall. She was hysterical. I felt horrible. She refused to go back in the crib, so I let her sleep in my bed.  I laid down with her and ended up falling asleep, too. We didn’t wake up until 6 pm. Bedtime is NOT going well. Its 10:00 and she’s still awake.  It really stinks how its ruining a pretty good day.  At 8:00, I congratulated myself on a day that had gone really well.  Now I'm ready to run away from home and never come back. 

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