Monday, May 9, 2011

Meg's first haircut

Meg had her first haircut on Easter. My aunt is a hairdresser and she brought her stuff to my parent's house. I just finally got the pictures from my parents (we used our digital camera to take video).

I wasn't emotional about it at all - when she took the first snip and asked for an envelope to put it in (so we could save it), I thought "what am I going to do with that?" I don't have a traditional baby book for her (I make Snapfish/Shutterfly books), so there's no real place to put it. It just wasn't a big deal for me, likely because there was so little difference between before and after. Meg's hair still hasn't grown past the nape of her neck and, although it IS getting a lot thicker than it used to be, she still doesn't have very much hair for an almost two-year-old. We had it cut because one little section of bangs was starting to get in her eyes a lot. My aunt trimmed her bangs and cleaned up the area around her ears, but that was it. It was a pretty uneventful haircut.

I guess its a good thing her first haircut wasn't a drastic change, because I got to be excited about it! She didn't come out of it with a lot less hair, just without that pesky piece of hair I was always pushing away from her eyes. I suppose I could have cut it myself, but I never would have dreamed of it. My aunt ALWAYS gives the first haircut. She gave ME my first haircut!

This is obviously not my FIRST haircut, but its the only haircut picture I could find.  Coincidentally, it was also taken on Easter!  (Easter 1991, to be specific)

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