Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I forgot my 32 week OB appointment. I didn’t remember until last week, at which point my 34 week appointment was close enough I decided not to worry about rescheduling the other one. The OB’s office doesn’t make reminder calls. They also didn’t call me after I missed my appointment. I find this really strange. This morning I scheduled out all the rest of my appointments, so they gave me a printout instead of writing them on cards. In the corner it said I had 1 “no-show” appointment, but no one ever mentioned it. I thought the doctor would at least say something, but she didn’t seem to notice I’d missed my last appointment. I think I could probably make appointments for whatever intervals I wanted and no one would care.

According to the scale at the OB’s, I’ve gained 6.6 lbs so far. I asked if I should be worried and the doctor said they’d been calculating my weight gain from my lowest weight, not my starting weight. I lost 6 pounds between my 8 and 12 week appointments, so I’ve gained 12.6 lbs since then. That makes sense (and means I don’t need to be worried about inadequate weight gain), but I still don’t consider 12.6 lbs my official weight gain.

When I was pregnant with Meg, I gained 28 lbs total.  This time she's been a big part of the reason I haven't gained as much.  Less sitting around eating and more illnesses.  At my 30 week appointment I was 11 lbs above pre-pregnancy weight, but the nasty stomach/intestinal virus Meg brought home the next week took care of that.  I lost 6 lbs in 8 hours.  I'm sure it was mainly water weight, but I must have continued to lose weight over the next few days as I recovered.  By the next week, I had only gained 3 of those 6 lbs back, just in time to be hit with round 2, starting the whole thing again.  I think I'm fully recovered now and just assumed I'd gained the weight back.  Guess not.  I wasn't too surprised to find out I'd lost 5 lbs in the last month, but its still not good.

On the plus side, I'm not concerned at ALL about how much I might gain in the next 6 weeks.  Since I'm only 6 lbs above pre-pregnancy weight, there's pretty much no way I can get to an excessive weight gain total!

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