Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No wonder I'm tired

May is a busy month in our family.  I spent three hours last night ordering more picture cards (right now you can get 5 free cards on Shutterfly!) and afterwards decided to count up how many cards I have to give in the month of May.

Mother’s Day:  6 cards. In our family, Mother’s Day is a celebration of all mothers/female relatives, so I got cards for my mom, both grandmothers, and my aunt.  I also got aunt cards for both my sisters from Meg, since they’ve gotten me Mother’s Day cards ever since I got pregnant with her.

Graduations:  2 cards. My brother-in-law graduated with his PhD and my sister graduated with her Masters.

Birthdays:  4 cards.  For Thomas’ birthday, I got him a card from me and one from Meg.  My Dad’s birthday is also in May.  So is Meg’s.  I wasn’t going to get her a card, because she’s two – what does it matter?  But she loooooves cards with her picture on them, so I guess I will.

Anniversaries:  2 cards. My sister and BIL’s anniversary was this past Sunday and ours is tomorrow.  I just ordered a card for Thomas last night.  Oops.  Can’t I get a break?  I gave him two birthday cards last week!

That’s 14 cards.  For just my side of the family.  My SIL and BIL also have their anniversary this month (Thomas’ sister got married on the same date as my sister, just a year earlier!) and my SIL has a birthday.  Thomas usually takes care of the cards for his side of the family, but I should make sure he did.  I know he got his mom a Mother’s Day card.  He also got me a Mother’s Day card.  And, I’m assuming, an anniversary card.  That brings our total to 19.

I wonder how many cards we receive in May?  I have a stack of Mother’s Day cards, Thomas got a bunch of birthday cards, the anniversary cards are rolling in, and Meg will get tons of birthday cards.  It’s ridiculous to think about how much money our extended family will spend on cards this month.  And that’s before buying presents!  Then in June I have to start thinking about Father’s Day cards…

P.S.  While we’re on the topic of presents, I haven’t gotten anything for Meg.  Her birthday is in two weeks.  Help!  What do you get a two-year-old?


  1. Fuss's 2nd birthday... we got her a Big Girl bed (and sheets and a comforter, etc.)and a trip to Disney World.
    Truly - some of her favorite presents have been the simplest things. Does Meg have a shopping cart? Fuss LOVES her shopping cart.

  2. I buy bulk cards on Etsy. I find a seller with great stuff for a not too bad price. Usually for $1 - $2 a piece I get these awesome hand made cards that are either stamped or construction papered with bows and all sorts of awesome decorations. I just keep a huge stack at my desk at work and mail away. Do not tell a lot of people about my awesome card secret.