Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Party Tip

Meg's birthday party was yesterday.  Having a baby on a holiday weekend worked out GREAT.  We spent all weekend cleaning and having the party and now we get a bonus day off to enjoy the leftover food and clean house.

The party went really well, but after all the presents were opened it looked like a wrapping paper/toy bomb had gone off in our living room.  I was already having trouble remembering what came from whom.  Also, my parents gave her a ton of little stuff and I knew I'd never remember everything in their gift.  As we started to clean up the living room, I remembered the method I used for my baby shower gifts and how well it worked.

I'm sure I read this tip in a magazine long ago and tucked it in some far corner of my brain, but when I started using it I thought it was just a stroke of genius thought up by sleep-deprived me (the shower was when Meg was two weeks old).  At the shower, someone wrote a list of the presents and who they were from, but I lost it.  So I kept the presents in a big pile to make sure I didn't forget about anything when I went to write thank-yous.  They stayed there for a month.

There were several things I wanted to return, so I decided to take them out of the pile and - genius! - take a picture.  That way I could return the items and still have something to look at when I wrote thank-yous, because, even if I wrote another list of presents, I knew I'd lose it again.  Plus, "0-3 month outfit" could describe a lot of what I got and I wanted more description.  Once I was on a roll, I decided to take a picture of all of the presents and put them away.  When I downloaded the pics, I put them in an folder called "Baby Shower Presents" and labeled each one with who it was from.  I still like looking through the folder sometimes.  At this point, I don't remember what of our baby stuff was hand-me-downs, what was baby shower gifts, or what I bought.  Its fun to look and realize something we've used a lot came from so-and-so.  Also, I used some of the pictures as filler on the baby shower page in Meg's first year scrapbook.

So yesterday as I was cleaning up, I took a picture of each present.  Everything has been put away and I don't have to rack my brain trying to remember if I'm forgetting something when I write thank-yous.  I also made a list (mainly because some people just gave money and I didn't take a picture of the checks), but even if I use the list for thank-yous, I think it will be really fun to have pictures of all the stuff Meg got each year.  When she's older, she can look through them and realize _____ got her the toy she's loved for years.  (Although I suppose it could come back to bite me if I return something and she wants to know what happened to it.  Not a problem this year, since we're not returning anything.)

P.S. By the way, I'm a terrible person and never actually wrote thank-yous for my baby shower.  But I still could, since I have the pictures! I suppose this means instead of taking pictures I should have just written the stupid thank-yous, but I maintain the pictures are still a good thing to have.  I have been really on top of thank-yous for every occasion since, because I don't want to be known as the-one-who-doesn't-write-thank-you-notes, but still...

P.P.S.  This was one of Meg's presents.  Did you have these when you were little?  You pull them out to make them longer as your feet grow.  I remember I'd have to keep stopping to push them back in, since they'd gradually come apart as you were skating.  My sister-in-law bought them, since my husband's family also had a pair.  I can't believe how little some toys have changed in 20 years!

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  1. My friends and I all still do the lists, but the picture idea is great. Everyone all wants me to write the lists because I give detailed descriptions of everything and I have readable handwriting.