Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weather Rant

Today is October 12th. The forecasted high is 80 degrees. This past weekend it was even hotter (I believe it was over 90 on Saturday) and I was thisclose to completely losing it if one more person said “Aren’t we having such great weather for October?”

NO. This is not great weather. 90-100 degree weather is the reason I hole up in my house for all of July and August and refuse to come out. I HATE this weather. Also, I love October weather and this hot spell is robbing me of it. I want to wear a jacket! I don’t want to have to wear shorts and slather myself with sunscreen!

What gets me even angrier is when people say “It’s going to get cold soon enough. You’ll be wishing for this weather once there’s snow everywhere!” Again, I have to say NO. I will not be missing this weather EVER. I’ll take snow over 100-degree weather any day. Even if we’ve had four months of snow already. Yes, it will get cold and snowy soon enough. That’s why I want 50 to 60 degree weather NOW, before it’s too late. So enjoy your warm weather, if that’s your thing, but keep your mouth shut around me if you don’t want me to scream at you.

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