Friday, October 1, 2010

Five Quick Takes

1. Today at MOPS the speaker was Jennifer Wilson from Touching Up My Roots. She and her husband and their two kids moved to Croatia for a year. They returned a couple months ago. The whole family kept a blog during the trip (including the kids). I haven't checked it out yet, but she said there are tons of pictures and some videos, too. I'm really excited to read it. She also has a book coming out in May 2011 about the whole experience. It was fascinating to hear her talk about it. Its so fun to have discovered a fascinating blogger who lives in Des Moines!

2. This was my last week of commuting for work and I am SO EXCITED. I'm an auditor, so we often have to go to a client’s office to work. Most of our clients are in my area, but obviously some aren’t. If your auditee is over an hour away, you go for the week and the office puts you up in a hotel. If its an hour or less, you drive every day. On your own time. Which means my long days (7 am to 6 pm) have been longer (6 am to 7 pm). For eight weeks. Starting next week, I’m in town until I have to travel (overnight) in December. I’m so excited I feel like throwing a party!!! No more commuting! YAY! August and September are the months I commute the most, so I’m pretty much home-free until next year. There’ll be weeks here and there, but hopefully not eight in a row.

3.  My sister works at a Christian camp.  This weekend they're having a mother-daughter camp and my sister said my mom, my aunt, my sister, and I could come for free.  My mom is going for the whole weekend (Friday-Sunday).  My aunt is going for a little bit, I think.  I have to work in the nursery on Sunday, so I'm going Friday evening through Saturday.  I have to decide whether to bring Meg.  I'm leaning toward yes.  There are several stations you could sign up to participate in, including sports, which my sister was in charge of.  Not enough people signed up for sports so they cancelled it and my sister now has a lot of free time.  So between me, my mom, and my sister, I think we could keep Meg happy and still have some downtime.  My sister said she'd take care of Meg during all of the devotional/chapel times and go out with her, if needed.  I think Meg would really enjoy the days, but we're all concerned with whether she would sleep.  I am SO sick of worrying about sleep!

4.  Humor me for a bit if you don't like Friends.  You know the episode when Ross is trying to adjust to being laid-off and having nothing to do all day?  One thing he does is rearranges Joey's fridge:
I reorganized the fridge. See? (Points to empty bottom shelf) Bottom shelf, meats and dairy. (Points to middle shelf that only has one item) Middle shelf, fruits and vegetables. (Points to top shelf which is full of food) And top shelf, expired "products."
I feel like thats what my lunch was like today.  We had very little food, so I made Meg macaroni and cheese.  For my lunch I had the rest of the mac and cheese (there wasn't much), some expired yogurt, and a glass of expired pineapple juice.  Very expired.  I was going to write the exact dates so I went upstairs to check the packages and discovered the juice expired a YEAR ago.  The yogurt expired September 27th (2010), and when I looked at the juice I thought it was "best by" September 28th.  It was.  September 28th, 2009.  Oops!

5.  I wore maternity pants to MOPS today because when I attempted to get dressed today I discovered I had no clean pants.  So I had to go to the basement and dig out the maternity bin.  After we got home, I fed Meg lunch and went downstairs to start some laundry.  Meg started wailing and trying to launch herself out of the high chair to come after me.  I was worried all of her food would end up on the floor (a lot of it did) and she'd be so upset about me leaving she wouldn't finish eating.  So I stopped sorting laundry and went upstairs.  She takes a nap right after lunch and it took awhile to get her to sleep.  I didn't remember the laundry for three hours.  Now there's no way I'll have clean pants in time to leave for camp.  And Meg has no clean pajamas.  I just started the laundry.  We have to leave in an hour.  I haven't packed anything.  We were going to follow my mom there because I don't remember how to get to the camp.  I don't think she'll want to leave late, because then we'll miss dinner.  Which means I have to either pack maternity clothes (NOT pregnant) and have Meg sleep in just a diaper (or non-pajama clothes) or try to figure out how to not get lost driving to a camp in the middle of nowhere on a gravel road.

So I guess you only get five quick takes.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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