Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How many pillows?

I’ve always been under the impression most people use two pillows when they sleep.  I do.  Thomas does.  Both my parents do.  When you see pictures of bedrooms (like in a magazine or on a blog), there’s almost always two pillows on each side.  Do people throw one pillow on the floor and just use the other?  Our hotel room last weekend only had 3 pillows on the king size bed.  Do they figure half (or more) of people sleep with only one pillow?  Do they not see the point of putting enough pillows for 2 people, since the majority of people saying in hotels are business travelers so there’s usually only 1 person in the room?  Or are they just cheap?  I know I’m overthinking this, but it was really annoying. We both HAVE to have two pillows. I really hate calling down to the front desk and asking for things, so I didn’t request a fourth pillow.  How were we supposed to decide who got two?  I ended up volunteering to use a couch cushion as one of my pillows because I like really firm pillows and the hotel pillows were practically flat. 

How many pillows do YOU sleep with?  I really want to know.  Are us two-pillow-sleepers in the minority?


  1. My hubby and I each use one pillow. We do throw the extra one on the floor. My sister uses THREE!

  2. I go through phases, but typically, I only sleep w/ one pillow. WHen I'm pregnant, that changes and right now I'm refusing to give up my recent pregnancy body pillow addition (just feels so nice to be able to wrap myself around it!).

    I've had phases where I sleep w/ 2 pillows, but if I'm going to a hotel, I try and bring my own pillow anyway. (there's only so much you can do when you're traveling via plane, of course, so I make do when I can't bring my own)

    But I'd say that in 90% of my lifetime, I usually only have slept w/ one pillow. My husband, too, though he's gone through phases of multi pillows and also using odd pillows - a half moon pillow w/ the regular pillow, a throw pillow, etc.