Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is the only baby book she's got

Meg's vocabulary exploded this week.  She picked up 6 new animal sounds this week. I taught her kitty on Monday and she learned the other five Wednesday night. I’m amazed she remembers them all.

She already knew what a dog says – sort of. It sounds like a dog panting, rather than barking. She picked it up from an actual dog, though, so I suppose her sound is more accurate than if she said “bow-wow.”

I tried to teach her a kitty says ‘meeeee-owwwww,’ but she just says ‘owwwwww’ sort of like a dog howling at the moon.

Chickens say “cuck, cuck, cuck”

Ducks say “ack, ack, ack.”

Turkeys say “dobble, dobble, dobble.”

Sheep say “baaaaaa”

She’s not good at saying m’s. She can say ‘mama,’ but only does when she is hurt or sad and needs her mama RIGHT NOW. She doesn’t say it if I ask her to. I don’t think she’s ever said an ‘m’ sound on demand. So her version of what a cow says is “boooooooooo.” At least we’re ahead of the game for Halloween!

She also says "boo" whens she’s hiding. It means peek-a-boo, but she says it while she’s hiding, not when she pops out.

Another word she picked up this week is “baby.” She loves to say baby and point out babies. Most of the time it’s a picture of herself, but she doesn’t believe it’s really her. She thinks we’re all a little crazy because she’s obviously much bigger than the baby in the picture.

She says daddy (da) and grandpa (buh-puh), but as I said, never says mama in normal conversation. She also doesn’t have a word for grandma.

She loves her aunt ‘T’ (Katie), but doesn’t say any of her other aunts’ or uncles’ names.

She says ‘ba’ for bottle and doesn’t have a word for sippy cups (they’re not ba’s).

She says ‘hah’ for house.  She also says 'hi' and 'bye' while waving.

Her first word was ‘mama’ and her second was ‘da,’ but after that was the word she says the most: ‘kitty.’ She says it really well, sometimes with the t’s, usually without (kih-ey). She chases the real cat around the house yelling kitty, kitty, kitty!

Her second favorite word is probably ‘shuze’ (shoes) and often when we’re getting ready in the morning she’ll run around saying ‘sockz, shuze’ (socks, shoes).

We really need to get the video camera out and get evidence of this.  Especially that a cow says 'boooooo' because its so darn cute.

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  1. Fuss took forever to say Mama, too. I remember telling her she could have a cookie if she said mama and she looked at me straight in the eyes and said "mama" and then held out her hand. It was weeks before i heard it again.

    At 15 months, I was worried she wasn't talking enough. By 18 months she had exploded in vocabulary and had 100 words. Now I can't get her to shut up. I have to sometimes institute quiet time to get 2 minutes of sort-of silence. Sometimes, she even talks in her sleep.