Friday, October 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. Earlier this week on the radio, they were talking about grocery shopping systems. Do you go once a week? Every day? Who does it? How do you meal plan? I was surprised how many women said their husband does it, because if they go to the grocery store they spend too much. That’s why I’m not allowed to do the grocery shopping. I grab a ton of impulse ‘that-looks-good’ items (even when I’m shopping on a full stomach) and I always want to stock up on things I know we use a lot. I spend way more than Thomas if I do the grocery shopping. Our bill even goes up if I go WITH him to the grocery store, despite his attempts to keep it down. I know he doesn’t love doing the grocery shopping, but its worth it to keep his wife away from the store.

2. This morning at MOPS, someone said when she and her husband got into a big fight she threatened to unfriend him on Facebook! I think that’s hilarious. They’ve been married for 10 years and the worst she can come up with is unfriending him.

3. As I said when I posted about my new Jesabes twitter account, I’ve had a personal twitter account for a while. I was already following a lot of bloggy people on my personal account. Some of them followed me back. I now follow all of the people I know through blogs on my new twitter account. Again, some of them followed me back. Now I sometimes tweet the same thing on both accounts, so both my family and blog people can read the tweets. But, as I said, some bloggy people follow me on both accounts, so now they get double tweets. I’m afraid they’ll do whatever the twitter version of ‘unfriending’ me is on both accounts!

4. Whenever I need a second, like if I’ve read the same book 10 times and can’t take it anymore, or I’m trying to do my makeup while Meg is trying to steal my makeup, or I’m trying to make lunch and Meg won’t let go of my legs, if the cat happens to wander by, I say “Look! It’s the kitty!” and Meg runs off after her, giving me a little break. Meg adores the cat.

This morning, Meg took something she knows she’s not supposed to have. When I came toward her, she said “Kitty!” and pointed behind me. I was fairly certain she was faking, since when she actually sees the kitty she is much more excited and runs toward her. I checked anyway. The cat wasn’t there. She was trying to distract me!

5. As I (double) tweeted last night, they said on the news the local children’s hospital has bedbugs. How awful is that! They went on to say it was only two rooms, so far, and the bugs must have been brought in by patients. Still, they didn’t act like the bugs were discovered by the patients who brought them in. I think it was the next patients. It sure makes me glad we have no plans to go to the hospital anytime soon (like to give birth)! This children’s hospital is attached to the hospital where I had Meg. Although, maybe it will be the cleanest place in town now that they know about the problem and have gotten bad publicity.

6. Is there a show you wish you could watch, but just never made it into your schedule? I watched the premiere of Parenthood in February and really liked it. I saw a promo for a new episode yesterday and it made me wish I’d started watching it, but I watch too many shows already and I just don’t have time for more. I also want to watch Mad Men and The Good Wife. What shows do you want to watch, but don’t?

7.  We're thinking about trying for another baby soon.  Its giving me an insane urge to start drinking like crazy!  I rarely drink, but the thought of not being able to for nine months makes me want to squeeze in nine months of drinking right now.  Of course, that's still not much.  When I say I rarely drink, I mean I can't remember the last time I had a drink.  Wait, I guess I had a glass of wine with dinner when we were in Chicago last weekend.  But I can't remember the last time before that!

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  1. My MOPs speaker this month was on meal planning. She had a plan for figuring out meal plans for a whole month. I'm a once-a-week shopper. We usually do it together, because I can't handle 2 kids and grocery shopping by myself. :) If my husband goes by himself HE brings home more than necessary. If I let him go off by himself while we're shopping, we spend every penny of our budgeted money, where as I usually have at least a LITTLE left over.