Thursday, October 7, 2010


Last Thursday, while trying to get my hair to look decent, I decided it couldn’t be done. I’d HAD IT with my ugly hair. I didn’t want to call and make an appointment for the next week. I wanted my hair chopped off NOW. A few days earlier, we’d gotten a coupon for a $8.95 haircut in the mail. At the time, I thought it was asking for trouble. How can an $8.95 haircut be good? But on Thursday, I decided to try it. I figured my hair was pretty awful already, so the worst I could end up with was SHORTER bad hair, which would at least tide me over until I got a better cut.

When I got home, it wasn’t good. My hair looked HORRIBLE. Really bad. When the stylist had cut my hair 2 inches shorter, I asked her to cut it another inch because I thought it wasn’t short enough yet. I got home and really regretted that decision. Plus, I asked for layers and they were awful. Really choppy. I tried to style my hair and couldn’t find a way to make it look good, so I put it in a ponytail (which kept falling out because my hair wasn’t long enough). At that point, I was thinking up a blog post entitled “things you should never do to your hair!” It included:

1. Don’t go to a salon that charges $8.95 for a haircut. Yes, it’s cheap, but you’re throwing that money away, because you’ll just end up going somewhere else to fix it. You get what you pay for.

2. Don’t make a snap decision to try a new hairstyle just because you’re annoyed with your current one.

3. Don’t ask for “just one more inch” to be taken off

I decided waiting for an appointment somewhere else would have been a good thing, because I wouldn’t have cut it so short if I’d had time to calm down from my hair frustration Thursday morning. I was going to beg for your opinion on how much I should spend to fix it – should I go to the most expensive place around? Something priced reasonably? What IS reasonable? What’s too cheap?

But over the next few days, I figured out how to style it. I fell in love with it. The length, the cut, the mousse left over from a long-ago hairstyle. It WORKED. In fact, I now think my new haircut is fantastic. It didn’t take me any longer to warm up to than the super-expensive haircut I got from the fancy salon right before my sister’s wedding (I didn’t like that one at first, either). After a few days, the layers blended together and didn’t look choppy. Since I put mousse at the roots, my hair is much lighter and I don’t NEED to have my hair in a ponytail all the time anymore. I’m sure if I’d gone to the fancy salon, my hair might look a little better. It’s not quite as refined as the super-expensive haircut. But nowhere near $60 better. I think from now on, I’ll go to the expensive salon when I want highlights (I’m not brave enough to try that at a cheap place) and go as cheap as possible for trims/cuts. I love my new hair and I saved $60 bucks! Please ignore the rules above!


  1. I wish the story of my last haircut had such a happy ending.

  2. I need a haircut, too. I'm starting to look like a pyramid head, but I'm trying to grow it out to my previous lengths - usually it grows super fast when pregnant, right? but not this time. I realized recently that it had been REALLY short last Christmas when I got pregnant, so I guess it's grown a decent amount, but it's barely long enough to put into a ponytail at this point - at least one that stays in place for more than 10 minutes.

    Post a picture - I wanna see your new 'do.

  3. It did seem like a cop-out to post about a haircut without a picture, but I didn't have one and my camera is dead! I'll work on it:)

    My hair continued to grow fast while breastfeeding, so good luck to you!