Friday, July 23, 2010


I love the smell of Luvs. I just opened a package this morning. As I think I’ve mentioned, we like Luvs the best, but generally use Huggies because there are more deals/coupons for Huggies and I can usually get them cheaper. Recently, I got some really cheap Luvs on Amazon and, wow, I forgot how good they smell. Huggies are pretty much unscented.

Don’t get me wrong, I love anything unscented. Please, manufacturers, make everything (except Luvs) unscented. I am allergic to perfume. Almost all scents. Its actually genetic – I’m allergic, my sisters are allergic, my mom is allergic, her sister is allergic, their mom is allergic, and I’m sure it goes all the way up the family tree. Scented items (perfume, body spray, detergent, dish soap, lotion, anything sold by Bath & Body Works) give me migraines. It gets worse with age. My grandma actually hasn’t been able to go to church on Easter for years, because she is so allergic to the smell of the Easter Lilies. Its difficult to find products we can use. Unscented lotion is easy to find. Unscented dish soap? Much, much harder.

So, I very much appreciate unscentedness. But, my pregnancy heightened sense of smell never went away, so I can smell everything, and, to me, Meg usually smells rather urine-y. I’m hoping the nice powdery fresh smell of Luvs will cover that up. (Powder fresh is a smell that usually doesn't bother me. It always depends on the brand, but florals are the real killer scents)

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