Friday, July 30, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

OK, I’m jumping on the seven quick takes bandwagon. I’ve resisted for awhile because I don’t even read the blogger who started them. Maybe I should. But I checked her blog out once and it seemed to be primarily about being a Catholic/Catholic mom. I’m not Catholic and I already read several Catholic mom-bloggers – including Arwen’s Faith & Family blog – so I didn’t feel like adding another. Does anyone know of any Evangelical Christian bloggers? Anyway, I hope she doesn’t mind if I start doing seven quick takes as well.

1. Apparently the reason my baby girl turned into a monster this past week WAS that she was overtired. I knew it! But there wasn’t much we could do about it, as, despite everything we tried, she wouldn’t sleep. But she finally broke down on Wednesday and took 2 naps totaling 3.5 hours of sleep at my mom’s house, then slept ALL NIGHT at home.

2. AND SO: She has been an absolute delight yesterday and today. I actually enjoyed being with her and am much, much less afraid of our daddy-less weekend. Maybe I WILL survive.

3. When I went to the grocery store this week, they had a display up of Halloween candy. At first I was confused. I thought maybe they found some candy leftover from last year? Is it really cheap? Then I realized, nope, not on sale, this is NEW candy. Halloween candy. In July.

4. Which tells me time must be running out for me to get on-sale back-to-school stuff. Every year, I kind of go crazy with Operation Christmas Child (we do like 6 boxes for our family), so I save a lot of money by buying school supplies at back-to-school time. I don’t want to miss my window!!

5. My favorite brown flats are getting quite worn. I love them, but I got them a year and a half ago – on clearance because the company had stopped making that style. Yesterday, just for fun, I searched for that particular style on eBay. I found a pair!! I’m really excited because they are (supposedly) brand new and were only $60 (they used to be $100 new).

6. I don’t know what to do with the old ones when my new shoes come. They’re worn, but not unwearable. Do I just throw them in the trash? That seems wasteful. But what else would I do with them? The inside lining is a little torn and the soles are worn down, so they just don’t look nice enough to donate to Goodwill or anything. But, then again, the outside looks great. Very work-appropriate. So I can’t help but think that someone who can’t afford nice-looking work shoes could get some use out of them. On the other hand, would someone who is in the position to need them think its demeaning to be offered noticeably worn shoes?
I’ve been wearing these shoes at least 4 days a week for the last year and a half, excluding the 2 months I was on maternity leave. I should trash them. But its just so hard to throw nice-looking shoes in the trash! I usually end up keeping them and letting them sit in my closet for years before I throw them out.

7. I have a full rant on this brewing, but here’s your teaser: remember how I was all “we like Luvs the best, its too bad we buy Huggies because they’re cheaper with coupons”? I TAKE IT ALL BACK.

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  1. On the shoes: either keep them for harder use (they're too nice for working in the yard, but you get what I mean, right? I'm always looking for shoes in my closet that I don't mind getting dirty or whatever and if they're comfy, even better!) or donate them. My experience w/ Goodwill/Salvation Army is that people are totally willing to wear obviously worn stuff if it's good quality and they only have to pay $1!

    The Halloween Candy in July is disturbing me! But I do love to see school supplies - I love paper and pens and notebooks! But it was sort of depressing to see them appear in July!